Greg Jones Barrister

About Greg

Auckland barrister Greg Jones specialises in insurance, general commercial litigation and professional disciplinary defence work. Following almost forty years first as a barrister and then as a senior solicitor practising litigation in New Zealand tribunals and in every tier of the court system including the Supreme Court, Greg has decided to return to the independent bar. As an experienced advocate and an astute negotiator he has consistently achieved successful outcomes for his clients through expert litigation and dispute resolution. After the 2011 Christchurch earthquake disaster, in his former role as a solicitor he assisted the insurance industry to achieve resolutions in some of the largest-ever New Zealand insurance claims.

  • Commercial and insurance litigation
  • Professional disciplinary work
  • Strategic consultation
  • Advocacy

Leading commercial
& insurance litigation.

Smart negotiation. Skilful advocacy.
Astute judgement.

Strategic solutions
for specific issues.

Auckland commercial litigator and insurance specialist Greg Jones entered an important new chapter in his impressive forty-year legal career on 1 February 2018 when he was re-admitted to the independent bar. Returning to the bar reflects Greg’s serious commitment to his ongoing professional goals.

The move enables him to operate in a more focussed, high-level way, unimpeded by the demands of running a practice. As a barrister he is intent on offering greater accessibility to his skills and expertise in insurance and commercial litigation
and mediation.

Focusing on the priorities.

Greg Jones has decades of experience in general and commercial litigation behind him and is one of New Zealand’s most experienced specialists in insurance litigation. He is known for the transparent, direct and proactive way in which he deals with other practitioners. He has worked on some of the largest-ever New Zealand insurance cases.

As a barrister sole Greg now provides high-level strategic insights, advocacy and mediation.

  • General commercial litigation
  • Professional indemnity insurance and disciplinary proceedings
  • Construction risks insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Insurance fraud
  • Health and disability insurance
  • Statutory and regulatory liability insurance