Greg Jones was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 1978. He first practised at the independent bar for two years, during which time he appeared as opposing junior counsel in a number of High Court civil trials against some of the leading advocates in New Zealand at that time. During this time, he also appeared in the New Zealand Court of Appeal and argued as junior counsel in arbitration and defamation-related litigation.

In 1980 he was instrumental in forming the legal firm Heaney Jones which became one of the country’s leading insurance litigation firms. As a partner in Heaney Jones he appeared successfully as junior counsel in what remained for many years New Zealand’s most high-value insurance fraud/non-disclosure-related insurance litigation, Gibbs and Plastic Recycling v. NZI.

His practice at Heaney Jones extended to professional disciplinary matters and he appeared as counsel in Walker v. The Education Board, a leading and administrative law case on bias.

At Jones Fee, which Greg helped to form in 1997, he continued to act in some of the country’s most high-level insurance-related litigation and was appointed by a large group of New Zealand insurers to represent their interests in the Auckland City power failure in 1998.

In early 2000 Greg became involved in the country’s leaky building crisis and was responsible for directing a major part of the leaky building litigation for one of the country’s
major insurers.

In 2010 the Christchurch earthquakes drew him into earthquake-related advice and litigation of a complexity and size never seen before in New Zealand. For five years he played a major role in the New Zealand insurance market’s involvement in earthquake response and litigation. He has appeared in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in earthquake-related litigation.

Greg’s involvement in earthquake claims led to his role as the solicitor for New Zealand insurers in the successful resolution of some of New Zealand’s largest ever insurance claims, involving Housing New Zealand, the Ministry of Education and the University of Canterbury.

During the course of his role at Heaney Jones and Jones Fee he also established a significant practice in professional disciplinary defence and has acted as defence counsel for one of New Zealand’s major professional service providers for over 25 years. During this time Greg also acted for directors and major finance company prosecutions.

Before deciding to return to the independent bar he practised as a partner in the firm Jones & Co, continuing his involvement in Christchurch earthquake-related claims and professional disciplinary matters, as well as general commercial litigation.

A transparent,
direct and proactive approach.

Greg enjoys working in a collegial way. His new role offers an opportunity to focus on utilising the skills he has developed over his long career and to undertake more of what he most enjoys in practising law. This includes working with a greater range of solicitors and building excellent relationships with solicitors who are developing their own expertise in his specialist areas of commercial litigation - insurance and construction.

Greg has established a reputation for being both proactive and tenacious in obtaining a resolution.

He has an intuitive approach regarding his application of the law, possessing a finely honed sense of timing and judgement. He's also known for his strategic insights and his ability to rapidly distil and clarify complex subject matter. He has specialised in managing major disasters from the outset, responding quickly under pressure to complicated situations, anticipating future consequences and ensuring that all the essential evidence has been preserved.

"A swift and well-informed assessment of the likely success of a potential claim can avoid costly and lengthy legal processes and increase the chances of successful outcomes in reasonable timeframes"

Areas of practice.

  • Commercial and insurance litigation
  • Professional disciplinary work
  • Strategic consultation
  • Advocacy

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